Mediterranean Yacht Delivery services / Bodrum, TURKEY




We provide a highly experienced and professional team to deliver your yacht. 

From the very beginning  we take time to work with our clients to make sure that we understand each others' expectations and requirements and the planning of the trip in consultation with you to ensure your boat delivery is safe, simple, rapid and certain. 

Your yacht or boat is fully insured during the delivery, either with your own policy or with separate cover which can be arranged by us.

We understand how important your yacht is and we treat as its our own. 

Our aim is to make every voyage straightforward with clear pricing information. Monies will always be the next priority for us, thats what is for sure.



Training is a great way to improve our services. If you wish to join the delivery voyage at any stage we are 100% confident you will improve your sailing and navigational skills working alongside us.  We are indeed looking forward to working with you so we inspect your boat together and we help you to be familiar with your boat much more quick and eficiently.  We will plan the delivery voyage and consult with you.  We can decide together whether to sail 24 hours per day, on a round-the-clock watch basis, or go into a marina each night – it’s your choice and desire. Just be happy and stay connected.


We are bunch of professional oceangoing masters well experienced for over a decade at managing all marine, onboard merchant vessels and yachts. Travelled around the world couple of times and between commissions has sailed and raced yachts and gained substantial sweet and heavy weather experience.

Our professional image is very important to us and we take great care and pride in what we do. We are not humble anymore. We are best at what we do.


Licenses held are:

-Oceangoing Master Unlimited

-IYT Master of Yachts (Power&Sail)   Unlimited

-Yacht master up to 3000GT

-IYT Bareboat Skipper Certificate


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